About Paul Haggett & Company

Quality Residential Remodeling and Construction

There are a lot of people with saws and hammers. There are a lot of people with trucks and measuring tape. We know them all. But, when it comes to residential remodeling and construction, there are very few who are truly craftsmen.

The definition of “craftsman” involves consistent excellence and originality; the ability to create not merely construct.

We have a roster of clients who will confirm that we are the craftsmen you are looking for and will tell you that we always go above and beyond the call of just putting in a day’s work for pay.

To us, a project’s worth is not just its budget, but the opportunity it gives us to employ our highest skill: imagination. We have never found a project yet that didn’t require it, but occasionally a project doesn’t want it.

Now you know the sort project we want you to call us in for. One that requires imagination.

Wood working necessitates an intimate knowledge of wood: its many varieties and properties, and the characteristics of strength and wear for wood of all types in various applications. There is no substitute for knowledge and experience.

They say “If all you have is a hammer, you view every problem as if it were a nail.” Our wealth of tools ensures that your project’s outcome will be exactly what you want, not just what we can do.

And, our skills are so extensive that we always have the tool for the job. Ingenuity and imagination, in carpentry, are part of craftsmanship, not shortcuts around doing things that right way, the first time. We include as standard procedure “back priming,” pre-drilling, countersinking, sanding or routing cut edges to guarantee our client superior quality in the finished project.

We are sincerely looking forward to your call and the chance to show you what we can do.

Yours truly,