As the dog days of Summer come to an end and the kids go back to school it’s time to consider some September home maintenance tips that will help you keep your home safe, warm, and functional throughout the coming winter months. Don’t worry, there are plenty of beautiful outdoor days left to enjoy, and with some planning, you can ease into it and take on the projects in small pieces over the fall.

Here is our September project check list with more to come for October and November



Walk your property.

Cut back tree limbs from your home. Look for unhealthy limbs and remove them before they fall with harsh weather. Trim back where they could encroach on utility wires in high wind. If work is needed close to wires, get help from your local utility provider.

Check your foundation and basement windows for cracks and holes where rodents could get through in search of warmth. There are some excellent patching materials available for all applications.

Check your roof, look for any signs of leakage inside, get these repaired as they often get worse and can create an emergency situation in the winter.

Look for cracks in asphalt and concrete and repair with filler and sealer to prevent water and freezing damage.

Declutter your garage, install racks and shelving. September is perfect for yard sales.

Clean and lubricate your garage door and door opener for winter reliability.

Replace furnace filters and schedule annual service for your system.

Get your oil tank topped off if you’re not on an automatic refill program.

Vacuum baseboard heaters, grates, radiators, and registers for comfort and energy savings.

Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, replace batteries if needed.

Inspect your fire extinguishers, are they fully charged? Annual service by a professional or replacement is recommended.

Prep and clean your fireplace and schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection.

Order and stack firewood. Getting this done early can often save you money and provides additional drying time.


The weather in September is typically perfect for outdoor projects. You may have a Summer project or two you have yet to get to, especially with the heat, humidity and showers in August. So, by all means, go for that new garden bed, flagstone path, brick patio or any other projects still on the Summer 2018 list. There is plenty of time and comfortable weather to come.

Watch for our Paul Haggett & Co. October home maintenance tips next month.